Stuffed Pita Bread

We all love Fast Food, don't we? But that's not so healthy as we wised to, neither it's hygienic. This is why I share the recipes I make at home of fast food. Obviouly, they are never 100% fat-less but they are for sure made with quality ingredients and totally hygienic. And as any other home made recipe, we can costumize the recipe on our own taste. 

Here is an alternative to typical burguers bun: PITA BREAD. Here's how Pita Bread look like when you cut it in two halves:

You can buy the bread or make it yourself and freeze it. All you'll need to do unfreez the required bread everytime you're going to stuff it. 

Let's start with the chicken and salad stuffing!

First of all, grate the cabbage, carrot, cucumber, onion and tomato in a bowl.

Add mayonnaise, salt, pepper and some chilli salt (or any spice you like). Also, sprinkle a pinch of oregano if you want to.
Mix it all!

On the other hand, take a frying pan and fry some chicken previously marinated. You may also use some BBQ leftovers if you want to ;)

When done, time to stuff the Pita Bread!!!!! 

Here we go: open the bread gently taking good caring of not breaking it.

Fill it with the stuffing.

Put some ketchup on for extra yummy flavour, serve it with chips and coke and time to enjoy. Hurray!