Chocolaty Cheesecake


* Base:
-200 Gr. oreo cookies
-50 Gr. hazelnuts
-50 Gr. cold butter
* Chocolate:
-4 Sheets of gelatin sheets or 8 grms of powder gelatine
-200 Gr. cold cream
-400 Gr. cheese cream
-150 Gr. milk
-60 Gr. sugar
-200 Gr. chocolate
* Coverage:
-150 Gr. cream
-20 Gr. sugar
-30 Gr. butter
-100 Gr. 85% black chocolate

* Base: 
1 - Grind the biscuits and hazelnuts . 
2 - Add the butter in pieces
3 - Pour into springform pan, smoothing well with the back of a spoon and put into fridge. 
* Chocolate: 
1 - Soak the gelatine in cold water. 
2 - Place the butterfly and whip the cream a few seconds  
3 - Add the cheese and mix. Reserve in a bowl. 
5 - Add the gelatin and mix well drained in milk and sugar
6 - Add the chopped chocolate. Leave a few minutes to warm the cream and mix with outflanking. Pour over the base and carry to the refrigerator about 2 hours. 

* Coverage: 
1 - Cream. sugar and butter
2 - Add the chopped chocolate. Let it warm a few minutes and pour over the chocolate layer and cheese to the fridge take an hour. 
Unmold and garnish to taste.


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