Chicken Veg Burger

Here' s the recipe created by myself that arose from a improvisation of the things I had in the fridge. It turned out to be the one of the yummiest burgers I've eaten in my life. Plus it was healthy and a proper meal.

There's nothing mysterious in it as you'll see. And the best part it, you can add and remove any ingredient you like. This is why there won't be a specific list of ingredients, just the process of making it.

Let's start!

First put some mayonaise on the lower part of the bun. I love mayo, that's why I use it alot. Diet concious people may avoid it.

Next thing to put on is some grilled chicken. You can also use leftovers too ;)

What comes now is some salad: lettuce, tomatoe and cucumber.

What I did was to add another piece of lower bun to make the burger large and to, of course, add more delicious ingredients. On that bunn, apply the mayo again.

Now some grilled vegs: potatos, capcicums and onion. With some salt, pepper and oil. This is how it should look like:

Finally a slice of sandwich cheese and cover it with the upper bunn applied with some ketchup or chili sauce.