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Super Bowl Style Burger

Watching a site on internet about Super Bowl I got to know about the common food of it. And I must say all of them had an amazing look, they all looked delicious and spicey. So that night making dinner I thought of trying the Super Bowl sandwiches style and this is what I came through with:

The process was very simple but with a lot of steps. It took time making them (for 7 menmbers!!!!) but the result worth the time. The Super Bowl recipes were mostly with Pork, I used chicken instead. I think any meat would work.

All you need is to put the meat with salt, pepper, hot spicey sauce (and whatever spices you like) with water and boil it till it is extremely done. You can also cook it in the oven, in that case you wouldn´t need water, the sauce will do its job.

Meanwhile the chicken is being cooked, cut all the vegetables. In my case, I used red and green capsicums, cucumber, tomatoe, onion, sweet corn and cabbage.

After cutting them all, it's time to lightly cook the capsicums with only 1 teaspoon oil and on very low fire.

When they are little soft, add the onions and sweet corns.

Set them aside from the fire and let them cool. In a little bowl mix yogurt, cheese cream and mayonesse with some salt and pepper. You can also add an other sauce like green chili sauce or ketchup.

Now mix in another bowl all the vegetable with the creamy mixture.

So, now it's chicken's turn: when it is fully cooked, stir it from the left gravy in the pot. Work with a couple of forks and gradually remove and shred all the meat.

Now in a pan put it back with the gravy that was left (in case it didn't you just a bit of tomatoe sauce);  with 2 spoons of oil and little soya sauce. And keep cooking it till it dries compeltly. 

It's time to display the burger. Of course you have other options, you can use Hot Dog burgers, bread, or a chapati too. 

I used the french bread for it:

Serve it with chips and cold drink. Enjoy! ;)


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Fish Burger

Today I'm going to share a KFC style fish burger. Of course, you can  choose chicken fillets instead of fish. The rest would be the same.

The result is such a great combination of crunchy fish inside and a soft toasted burger outside with some mayonese salad.


For fish:

Fish FilletsFish masalaSaltPepricaGarlic PowderGinger PowderSoya SauceVinegarFlourBread crumbsCorn flakesEggsthe rest:
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        Flour                                                E…