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Chocolaty Cheesecake


* Base:
-200 Gr. oreo cookies
-50 Gr. hazelnuts
-50 Gr. cold butter
* Chocolate:
-4 Sheets of gelatin sheets or 8 grms of powder gelatine
-200 Gr. cold cream
-400 Gr. cheese cream
-150 Gr. milk
-60 Gr. sugar
-200 Gr. chocolate
* Coverage:
-150 Gr. cream
-20 Gr. sugar
-30 Gr. butter
-100 Gr. 85% black chocolate

* Base: 
1 - Grind the biscuits and hazelnuts . 
2 - Add the butter in pieces
3 - Pour into springform pan, smoothing well with the back of a spoon and put into fridge. 
* Chocolate: 
1 - Soak the gelatine in cold water. 
2 - Place the butterfly and whip the cream a few seconds  
3 - Add the cheese and mix. Reserve in a bowl. 
5 - Add the gelatin and mix well drained in milk and sugar
6 - Add the chopped chocolate. Leave a few minutes to warm the cream and mix with outflanking. Pour over the base and carry to the refrigerator about 2 hours. 

* Coverage: 
1 - Cream. sugar and butter
2 - Add the chopped chocolate. Let it warm a few minutes and pour over the chocolate layer and cheese to the fridge take an hour. 
Unmold and garnish to taste.


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Chicken Nuggets with Sesame seeds

INGREDIENTSBoneless ChickenSaltRed Chili PowderPaprikaCoriander Powder Garam masala (optional)Garlic PowderGinger PowderSoya SauceVinegarBeaten EggSesame seedsBreak crumbsOil for frying
METHODCut the chicken in square pieces.
In a bowl mix the chicken with all the above ingredients: salt, red chili powder, paprika, coriander powder, garlic and ginger powder, soya sauce, vinager and the beaten egg.
Let it marinate for minimum 1 hour. 
In another bowl mix the bread crumbs with the sesame seeds in equal quantity and add a little bit of same dry spices. 
Now, all you have to do is coat eachsquare of the marinated chicken with the bread crubs and sesame seeds mixture. 
I recomend to coat all the chicken first and let it fix in the freezer for half an hour. 
In a pan let the oil go hot and fry the chicken on medium heat till they get golden brown.
Serve them hot and crispy ;)

Cheesy Nachos

INGREDIENTSCrispy ready-made NachosChilli con carne (recipe down)Mozarella CheeseChopped onion + toamto + avocadoPremade Nachos saucesOregano

2 tablespoons chopped onion2 tablespoons chopped red pepper4 tablespoons minceSaltRed chili powderTumeric powder2 Cups of Tomato sauce1 tablespoon oil

Cook the chopped onion and pepper in the hot oil. When they get soft, add the mince and the spicies. Next, add the tomato sauce and let it cook till the quantity gets half.
NOTE: Add the chilli powder according to taste. If you like it too spicy, you can also add other comercial chili sauce.
METHODWatch the video and follow the easy steps. ;)

Fish Burger

Today I'm going to share a KFC style fish burger. Of course, you can  choose chicken fillets instead of fish. The rest would be the same.

The result is such a great combination of crunchy fish inside and a soft toasted burger outside with some mayonese salad.


For fish:

Fish FilletsFish masalaSaltPepricaGarlic PowderGinger PowderSoya SauceVinegarFlourBread crumbsCorn flakesEggsthe rest:
PicklesSaltBlack PepperBurger bunnsMayoneseKetchup


1. First of all, you have to marinate the fish in a bowl with all the spieces: salt, peprica, fish masala, garlic & ginger powder, soya sauce and vinegar.

Leave with for minimun an hour.

2. On other side, cut all the pickles very finely.

Optional: onion, tomatoe, carrot and other salad ingredient.

3. Mix all above in a bowl with mayonese, salt and black pepper.

4. Time to fry the fish. For it, you need to have three plates, each of them with different ingredient in it:
        Flour                                                E…